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Green Awards Honorable Mention 2017

Curbside Compost founders Nick and Erica Skeadas have a mission to reduce the amount of incinerated waste by 25 percent in the state of Connecticut. They also believe that one of the greatest investments we as a community can make is into our soil.

Currently, Curbside Compost, one of the few curbside food-scrap recycling programs around, diverts from incineration and to composting more than 3,000 pounds of waste per month. The Curbside Compost program, which the couple started in 2016, reduces the use of plastic bags, creates natural compost, and decreases energy needed to incinerate food.

“It also helps the state reach its recycling goal of 58 percent by 2024,” says Lorena Seidel, who nominated the Ridgefield-based business for a Green Award. (The judges awarded it an Honorable Mention.)

“In its first year, Curbside Compost will have recycled more than 21,000 pounds of food. What's more, the couple also embrace a zero-waste household, where their home purchases and lifestyle decisions are driven by the need to live a simple, loving and compassionate life."