March-April 2011

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In This Issue

House Calls

“Just as you shouldn’t go out in the winter without a hat and a coat, houses need that same insulation to stay warm and comfortable.”

Holy Cow

The stationery, sometimes, has a faint manure odor when it goes out in the mail. The owners milk the cows themselves and are the farmers of The Farmer’s Cow, a dairy company comprised of six different farms

Simply Green

Trillium Architects leads the way to green efficiency.

Scientific Method

Mike Trolle knows things about houses that very few people know. Trolle, the founder of BPC Green Builders, knows the modern science of building.

Seal & Save

Obama calls it sexy. NASA wouldn't go to space without it. It quiets dogs, and saves you money. This magic substance? Insulation, Good Life Energy Savers