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Finding the Right School

There are many good options and we provide a comprehensive list

Getting In

five strategies for getting into the school of your choice

Unusual Scholarships

It's not just straight-A's schools want. Sometimes it's your height, your name, or your odd habits.

Schools of Thought

A look at area independent schools - in CT, NY, and MA.

Schools of Thought

This region of the country boasts some of the nation’s best independent schools. Each one offering its own mission and specialized curriculum. Each attracting different types of students, by crafting specialized selections of courses, and providing impressive facilities for academics, arts, and athletics. We examined area private schools, to help parents find the best fit for their child to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Our extensive revelations follow.

Tales of the Headmasters Philip

Question: What do the Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut; the Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut; and The Tower School in Marblehead, Massachusetts, all have in common, other than being among the most highly regarded private schools in the Northeast? Answer: A headmaster with the surname Philip.

Roots of a Revolution

“Mind your peas and cukes” may be the new mantra for students at an increasing number of private, independent schools that have turned their attention to farming.

Giving It Up

four teens reveal what they learned from volunteering
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