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Stage It

Opportunities for kids, and adults, to get involved in the theater and music.

What's PG Mean?

In a school setting

Breathe In

Places in the area to enjoy and learn from nature

Art Form

Art opportunities for kids and young adults in the area

Finding the Right School 2015

An annual guide to the area’s diverse selection of independent schools

Thinking Out of the Box

A Bridgeport preschool's innovative approach to early education

Clean Slate

Schools are putting together environmental programs

Outside the Box

Museums, once the dusty purview of boring, school field trips, have really come into their own.

Finding the Right School

Finding a school that’s the right fit involves having access to the right information. To help readers begin the selection process, we’ve compiled a list of the best independent schools in the area.

Yo Hablo Francais

Some tips for finding a school with a foreign-language program

A Different Drum

There are many options for children with special needs

What Is PG?

Making the most of the post-graduate year
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