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Last Days of Pangea: In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs


Dec 21, 2016 to Jul 16, 2017
10:00 AM until 05:00 PM

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Last Days of Pangea: In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs
November 19, 2016 - July 16, 2017

Image: Cast skull of Postosuchus, one of the largest carnivorous reptiles during the late Triassic, 200 million years ago. Postosuchus grew to about 13 feet long. Bruce Museum Collection


The Bruce Museum in Greenwich will delve into this region’s ancient past in the new exhibition Last Days of Pangea: In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs. The show highlights remarkable fossil discoveries from the Connecticut Valley and beyond.

Two hundred million years ago, early dinosaurs lived alongside bizarre reptiles on the supercontinent Pangea. These denizens of "Triassic Park” included armored crocodile relatives, long-necked reptiles that swam like frogs, and a unique lizard-like animal that glided on a membrane supported by outstretched ribs. They wandered the region, leaving footprints along the muddy lakeshores and skeletons in the sandy floodplains. Unbeknownst to these creatures, the age of Pangea would soon come to a violent end: The Earth itself split open along a seam that ran through the center of Connecticut, unleashing a massive flood of lava that triggered extinctions throughout the globe. This is when the Triassic Period gave way to the Jurassic Period and dinosaurs rose from humble beginnings as relatively small creatures to launch a 135-million-year reign as rulers of the ecosystem.

This exhibition explores the geological record of the sundering of Pangea and showcases fossils ranging from tiny oddballs to ferocious predators. Visitors will encounter a life-size cast of Postosuchus, a 13-foot long bipedal relative of modern crocodiles that kept early dinosaurs off the top of the food chain, and Coelophysis, a primitive dinosaur once believed to have eaten its own young. Fleshed out life reconstructions of the eight species created for this exhibition, including the gliding Icarosaurus and armored Stegomus, will allow visitors to experience these animals in living color. Historic footprints collected throughout the Connecticut Valley in the 1800s will also be on view, including those of our Connecticut state fossil, the dinosaur track Eubrontes.

              Last Days of Pangea: In the Footsteps of Dinosaurs is organized by the Bruce Museum and curated by paleontologist and Bruce Museum Curator Dr. Daniel Ksepka with assistance from Paul Griswold Howes Fellow Kate Dzikiewicz. The show will be on view through July 16, 2017, supported by the Deborah G. and Charles M. Royce Exhibition Fund, Connecticut Office of the Arts, and a Committee of Honor.



$7 adult, $6 Senior/student, under 5 and member free


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Greenwich, CT

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