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Holiday 2011

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In This Issue

Chef Scramble

It’s day two of a snowstorm. You check the pantry and refrigerator to pull out some dinner: four chicken breasts, one 15-ounce can of lentils, a package of frozen spinach, six mozzarella cheese sticks, and one box of Stove Top stuffing. Need help, don’t you? We called in three local chefs to rescue you. The rules: Use all five ingredients in one dish, with the help of some staples—butter, flour, sugar, salt, pepper. Here’s what they came up with.

Ridgefield Winter Survival Guide

Like it or not, winter is coming—in fact, it arrived before Halloween. Before the chilly weather really moves in, we compiled a list of essential items needed to endure another frigid Ridgefield season.

Humble Grandeur

Like so many Ridgefielders, Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Neligan were enticed to town by the charming village and stately homes lining Main Street. The year was 1956 and the adventuresome young couple, pregnant with their first child and far from their native Ireland, had already been in New York City for two years.

The Maximalist

For Rachel Volpone decorating her house for the holidays is an extension of her approach to life. “I’m a maximalist,” declares Volpone. “More is more. That’s why I love working with interior designer Molly Hirsch. She understands scale, texture, and makes sense of the craziness and traditional that I like to think I embody.”

Get Cooking!

Whether you are a novice chef looking to add international cuisine to your repertoire or a home cook in need of more inspired family dinners, there is a local cooking class that can help you reach your goals. Here are a few of our favorite places to improve our culinary skills:

Heat on Tap

Not a day goes by that Shane Casey doesn’t appreciate the road paved by his grandfather Bill Casey. The office Shane works in and the desk he rests his elbows on are the same ones his grandfather used to build Casey Fuel, now known as Casey Energy. “If my grandfather didn’t take a big risk buying an oil truck 60 years ago, we wouldn’t have any of this,” Shane explains.

FroYo Goes Solo

In what might seem a tasty tribute to the 1980s, the resurgence of frozen yogurt is a delicious departure from ice cream.

A Little Help From Friends

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