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Holiday 2010

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In This Issue

Stone Groove

Just off Route 7 in Ridgefield is a longtime culinary staple with a new twist.

Ski Express

Here are six local facilities that offer decent skiing at reasonable prices—all within, more or less, an hour of town. We include the approximate time from Ridgefield, as well as the price of a one-day adult pass.

Holiday In

This design maven and shop owner combines her own special sense of style, lots and lots of candles, and the culinary skills of a renowned chef to orchestrate a swell holiday soirée. She invited us along.

Dad’s Home

Meet dads who, in a reversal of traditional roles, stay home to raise their children while their wives bring home the paycheck. Although they admit it has been more challenging than they ever imagined, they have no regrets about their decision.

Telling It Like It Was

Champagne Galore

A short history of bubbly, with a few “tasting notes.” We offer something light and fizzy, like the nectar itself. Plus a few secrets.

Ten Minutes With Di Masters

For the past year, selectman Di Masters has been executive director of the Ridgefield Community Center at the Historic Lounsbury House. Built by Gov. Phineas Lounsbury in 1896, the stately town-owned but privately run mansion has served many roles in its century-plus existence.

His Own Highlights

He’s one of Ridgefield’s best-known hair stylists, having clipped, twirled, and lavished locks here since 1963. But Paris & Company’s Jack Parascondola doesn’t fit any of the common stereotypes that often attach to male hairdressers.

Out of Africa

Chris Gay, known as "Ayindisa" by African artisans, owns a local store that sells hand made products from places such as Nepal, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and small villages of Africa.

Faces from the Crowd

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