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March-April 2016

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In This Issue

On the Road

Vermont's Four Columns...and five senses

All His Own

John’s Cafe has something special every night

What are some famous April Fools’ pranks?

Cook Like Julia

Class dedicated to the teachings of “French Chef” Julia Child.

The Art of It: Fly Away

Robert Andrew Parker and Geoffrey Parker, his son, are known for their work in many mediums.

Why is Waterbury called “the Brass City”?

Pssst...How to Recycle Tough Items

Tips for how and where to in Litchfield

Really Amazing Grace

Green Awards Winner: Grace Farms Foundation - Public space sits lightly on the land

Sweet Bid

An auction house owner’s secret stash

Lead by Example

Green Awards Winner: Bedford 2020, a model of sustainability


Green Awards Winner: Yumi-Eco Solutions: cleaning up housewares

The Big Mow

Green Awards Winner: Dan Delventhal’s environmental journey

Third Annual Green Awards

Recognizing businesses, non-profits, and individuals leading the local fight to protect the environment

Ten Minutes With Lena Dunham

The creator and star of “Girls”

In Land We Trust

A look at preservation efforts

No-Kill Houseplants

Book The Indestructible Houseplant


Demystifying this magical orb : Cage-free vs pasture-raised, natural vs organic

Sunny Side Up

As the price plummets, solar energy is getting harder to ignore

A Totally Full House

And not a place to sit…getting rid of clutter

Comfort Zone

Regional Hospice, an incomparable haven for life’s last journey
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