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March-April 2015

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In This Issue

What is the history behind painting eggs for Easter?

What is the meaning of shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day?

Fajita Steak Salad Recipe

From Chef Sean Russell of Cinch Restaurant

Zen and the Art of Family Living

The Art of It: Uncle Sam Wants You

New exhibit showcases authentic wartime posters

It’s a Cinch

Jamaican Me Hungry

Light the Lantern

Ten Minutes With: Rev. David Wentworth Spollett

Spiritual leader for Fairfield's oldest house of worship

All Charged Up

Electric vehicles are becoming a more frequent sight on our local roads. New models from a wide range of manufacturers are bringing new buyers into the electrified fold.

Rootin’ and Chillin’

While they were a must-have in colonial times, root cellars are rising in popularity in the Northeast.

Jacob Klein’s Legacy

The Klein Memorial Auditorium turns 75 this year. The 1,400-seat venue was built in 1940 thanks to a $500,000 charitable donation from Bridgeport native Jacob Klein.

Marvelously Mod

Modular homes of today are not just attractive and well built, but they can be customized using hundreds of CAD-software created designs.

Culture o’ the Irish

Centers for Irish programming and culture and the influential Irishmen that have made a mark on our local community.
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