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July-August 2011

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In This Issue

Fit and Polished

The history of exercise can be found right in my basement

Say Om

The Next Patriarch?

“I’m sure there will be a Kennedy back in Congress in a couple of years.” Having made that statement, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is hardly surprised by the follow-up question. “Might that be you?”


Don’t laugh, but I’m terrified of spiders, especially when I can see the whites of their eyes.

Grassy Goodness

When it comes to landscaping, changing from synthetic chemicals to organics is a transition — one that can take five or six years.

The New Meat

A hip New York chef calls them “sexy.” No, they are not talking about succulent patés or sinful chocolate soufflés. They are talking about vegetables.

Go Swimming

A swim school opened its doors on Black Rock Turnpike in January, below Old Navy.

A Clean Slate

Outer Limits

Outdoor eating in the Fairfield area

Next Big Thing

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