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July-August 2010

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In This Issue

Cottage Retreat

Husband-and-wife architects Paulo Vicente and Martina Burin make the most of a Fairfield Beach home. It’s an idyllic scene; a 1,900-square-foot beachside retreat they don’t have to pack up and leave when summer ends.

Catching Up on Good Food

Eating well never tasted as well as it does at Fairfield's Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe.

George's Way

Did George Washington visit Fairfield and, if so, where did he stay? In his diary, Washington wrote that he stopped in Fairfield while on a trip through New England, traveling northeast from Norwalk.

Who’s behind Fairfield’s annual fireworks show and how many people attend?

Ohhh, Ahhh

One State Two State Red State Blue State

Our writer analyzes the fickle personality of Connecticut politics. Though at the moment Connecticut looks decidedly blue, the state has an independent streak that makes it hard to characterize and even harder to predict. And with an ailing economy fueling growing political discontent at both the national and state levels, the upcoming midterm elections are going to make great political theater.

Warming Trends

Thanks to the warmth provided by a Rumford fireplace, life outdoors starts earlier in the year and lingers all the way into autumn. With wiring and Ethernet connection cleverly concealed in the stone pillars, the space serves as both office and media room. This ingenious idea gets everyone outside.

Ready About

Becca Dellenbaugh credits her skill and success in sailing to the Pequot Yacht Club. PYC also has a hand in the town’s sailing program, launched each summer from the park next to the club.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Amie Guyette Hall has worked with Fairfield’s school system to plant organic gardens at each campus. Kids learn about farming and good eating habits as well as math, science, and even art. Fairfield GVI's (Green Village Initiative) goal is to link school gardens with farms in the area

Ten Minutes With Larry Kudlow

For three decades Larry Kudlow has been smack in the middle of this country’s economic conversations. He’s worked inside the Fed, for Reagan, on Wall Street, and as a commentator on CNBC. He now hosts two daily shows. Though his business office is in Fairfield, we met at his studio at CNBC.

The Clubhouse

Mike Porzio is the owner of The Clubhouse, which offers an All-Star teaching lineup of former Major Leaguers that specializes in professional pitching and hitting instruction for baseball and softball. It is a place where they put the teach on young baseball players.

No Ordinary Commmute

Author Mike Lauterborn tells exciting tales that make those uneventful train rides to and from work more action packed.
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