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Farmers Markets in Bedford, Katonah, and Cross River are Open for the Season

Jun 29, 2011 - 08:39 PM
Farmers Markets in Bedford, Katonah, and Cross River are Open for the Season

The farmer's markets in Bedford, Katonah, and Cross River are officially open for residents to enjoy locally-grown, organic vegetables and fruits, meats, bread, pastries, and other vendor products.

If you haven't been down to the farmers markets in the area yet, it's something you've got to try! Each week farmers, bakers, cooks, and vendors of the area gather together to showcase their craft to the public.

Picture it: sumptuous fruits and veggies, fresh grass-fed meats, bread straight from the oven, delicious hand-made pastries and baked goods, and thirst-quenching fresh-squeezed lemonade. There are also fresh-cut flowers and herb plants available for purchase that fill the vendor stands with a refreshing and calming aroma. And if that wasn't reason enough to come the local farmer's markets, then perhaps the abundance of fun family activities, community environment, fresh air, and sunlight will sway you to make the 5-10 minute trip.

One thing to note, however, is that each farmer's market in the area is not created equally and each has something different and unique to provide to the public. So try all of them and get the full local experience! Here are some of the markets in the Bedford-Katonah area to try out:

 1. First, let's welcome the newest addition to the farmer's market family in Katonah: The John Jay Homestead Farmer's Market!

Features of John Jay Homestead Farmer's Market:

  • Open every Saturday 9am to 5pm (regardless of weather)
  • Operates from June 25 through October 25
  • Available for sale: locally grown produce, baked goods, other vendor products and crafts

 For more information while planning your trip to the Homestead, check out www.johnjayhomestead.org/whatsnew/farm market.html.


2. The Daisy Hill Farm Market is another great option. The farm market is kid-friendly. All children are welcome to come pet the baby Daisy Hill Farm animals while you get to sit back and relax while sipping some refreshing just-squeezed lemonade. So come to West Patent Road to experience the Daisy Hill Farm Market for yourself and bring the family!


Features of Daisy Hill Farm Market:

  • Open Fridays and Saturdays 9am to 6pm and Sundays 10am to 4pm
  • Operates from June through the end of October
  • Available for sale: locally grown produce, jams, pies, cookies, baked goods, grass-fed meat
  • Family activities and games available


3. Speaking of family-oriented farmer's markets, Muscoot Farmer's Market is a well-established farm in the Katonah area that provides a great atmosphere to all families. The market offers, in addition to locally grown/produced foods, fun games, a petting zoo, and other activities for kids to enjoy as you peruse the market. The farm offers other great events throughout the year and on July 30 and 31, the Putnam County Fair will be held on the farm grounds.

Features of Muscoot Farmer's Market:

  • Open 10am to 3pm on Sundays
  • Operates from June through the end of October
  • Available for sale: locally grown produce, meats, baked goods
  • Events planned throughout the year Family games and arts & crafts offered Seminars and classes offered at the farm


4. Pound Ridge even hosts its own local farmer named John Ubaldo. He mainly sells pork products to local markets such as Scotts Corners, Mt. Kisco markets, and Muscoot Farm (previously mentioned). If you are lucky to catch this farmer around the Pound Ridge-Bedford area he can even tell you a thing or two about how to prepare the perfect ribs. So keep on the look out for this local resident around the area.

Features of John Boy's Farm:

  • Sells to various farmers markets and supermarkets in the area
  • Specializes in pork
  • Products available at Muscoot Farm and Scott's Corners Market (in Pound Ridge)

You can find more information in a recent article written about John Ubaldo from Bedford magazine: http://www.townvibe.com/Bedford/May-June-2010/Farmer-in-the-Deli/.

There is a farmer's market for every kind of consumer in the Bedford area. Each market is exciting and provides great foods for you to bring back home to make an extraordinary and fresh cooked meal. Try them all and see what each has to offer!

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