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When Old Is New

The Bedford Historical Society Antiques Show is revving up to be a major event, with top designer Jeffrey Bilhuber and his host Martha Stewart

The Maximalist

For Rachel Volpone decorating her house for the holidays is an extension of her approach to life. “I’m a maximalist,” declares Volpone. “More is more. That’s why I love working with interior designer Molly Hirsch. She understands scale, texture, and makes sense of the craziness and traditional that I like to think I embody.”


Christmas is a five-sense extravaganza at Cheryl Thomsen’s Bedford home. As soon as you walk through the door you are transported into a happy childhood memory infused with gingerbread men, colorful stockings, and the piney scent of Christmas. Even if it isn’t your memory, it is Thomsen’s and she wants to share the idyllic experience with you. “When people come in I want them to feel like they’re stepping into another world, another place, so for that day they can be living a little fantasy,” says Thomsen.

Where Twain Shall Meet

This log cabin marries elements from today with designs of the past.

Ulla La

Recession Chic

During an economic downturn, shabby chic threatens to become just plain shabby. But those who’ve had to put major home-improvement projects on hold indefinitely don’t have to settle for shabby, agree local interior designers Gillian Drummond, Tom Sheridan, and Stephanie Mercado.

Established Character

Modern Fit

When Bedford Village architect Carol Kurth was hired to design a spacious, contemporary home on a nearby street of two-to-three-acre properties, she knew her design would have to embrace the conventional architecture of the neighboring homes, the property’s history as farmland, and the clients’ modern aesthetic.

A Tale of Three Closets

And how they reflect the three owners' unique personalities.

Designing Women

Some women in Wilton have rediscovered their creative side as they start their own designing business. Read the profiles of six talented women who enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of being their own boss in their stores.

Party Favor

Consummate hosts reveal their secrets to entertaining. Learn how each is a successful host as they carefully plan their food, decorations, music and outfits.

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