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Ten Minutes With Joe Keller

The Garden of Ideas maven

What are the advantages of raised-bed gardening?

Intentional Living

A model for sustainability makes its way from Scotland to the Berkshires

Going Native

Native plants are well adapted to regional weather and soil conditions, and need less water. Their inbuilt defenses make them more resistant to pest infestations.


Local tree expert takes 'em down and puts 'em up. Helping residents understand the best trees to plant.

Deep Roots

Reaching into the past to move forward, an unexpected journey into becoming local farmers.

Forage and Feast

Getting food the old-fashioned way, in the wild

Fleeting Beauty

As Gracie leads the Audubon group through the woods, she points out the serendipity that might otherwise be missed.

First to Harvest

Whose Woods Were These

Over the last hundred years, as working farms gave way to emerging woods, trees have come to define the look and feel of Wilton, this handsome old pilgrim town whose character is present in every woodland, stream, and old stone wall.

Trees First

As long as she can remember, Pepe Maynard has marked family birthdays, deaths, anniversaries, and other special ocassions by planting trees. Trees are the leitmotif of her Bedford garden and her gardening in general.

Creating Giants

Adam Wheeler, manager at Broken Arrow Nursery in Hamden, has a unique hobby of growing marvelously large pumpkins. He talks about the journey from sod to the judge’s scale and how it requires total commitment.

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Rockin' a Country Road

James Taylor, at peace in the Berkshires

Cozy up

Berkshire locations with warm environments and delicious food

Nature's Larder

Building a new restaurant at Tourists hotel

Between Takes

Actor Chris Noth shares his favorite things to do in the Berkshires.

Ten Minutes With a Positive Psychologist

Author and speaker Maria Sirois shares the benefits of positive thinking