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The Listings 2017

An annual guide to the area’s diverse selection of independent schools

For parents who are beginning the process of finding the “right” school for their children, Liz Perelstein, president of School Choice International, offers some advice. “Start with your child, as opposed to starting with what the school offers. Ask yourself ‘What are my child’s academic, emotional, special, and extracurricular needs?’”

Secondly, Perelstein recommends getting information from as many sources as you can, including the schools’ websites. “A school’s website reveals a lot about what they want to emphasize,” she explains. “But ultimately, nothing substitutes for a visit.” In an effort to help readers begin the process, we have taken a look at many independent schools. We look to the heart of these educational institutions—what sets them apart, not above or below one another.

Apple Blossom School & Family Center
Wilton, CT
Enrollment: Nursery – K,
Apple Blossom offers formal parent/child programs based on the Waldorf method of education, which seeks to nurture the head, heart, and hands. Children learn to build their emotional strength. A new extended care program allows parents to drop children off at 8 am to be picked up by 4 pm.

Avon Old Farms
Avon, CT
Enrollment: 406, 9 – post-grad, all boys,
Founded in 1927, this boy’s boarding school uses programs designed to help young men focus on healthy development during a time when distractions abound. Avon’s core values of honesty, integrity, and community permeate life at this bucolic campus. 

Bement School
Deerfield, MA
Enrollment: 219, K – 9,
From classrooms to dorms, Bement aims to learn as a family while encouraging individual accountability. It strives for an academically diverse and multicultural student body that works together to create an intellectually rigorous climate of acceptance and kindness. 

Berkshire Country Day
Lenox, MA
Enrollment: 210, Pre-K – 9,
Berkshire Country Day provides a stimulating and challenging education in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students’ academic excellence is coupled with well-rounded development. BCD has expanded its program for visual and performing arts, making these subjects an integral part of the curriculum for students of all ages. The preschool follows the Reggio Emilia approach. 

Berkshire School
Sheffield, MA
Enrollment: 410, 9 – 12,
Established in 1907, Berkshire School prepares 9th-12th graders for a global future. Pioneering programs—advanced math/science, advanced humanities, and sustainability and resource management—coexist with AP offerings in all disciplines. Students embrace the school motto: “Learning—not just for school, but for life.”

Berkshire Waldorf
High School
Great Barrington, MA
Enrollment: 35, 9 – 12,
In its 13th year, this co-ed college-prep school provides education for truth-seeking adolescents with imagination. A 2:1 ratio of students to faculty creates an atmosphere of academic excellence, artistic fulfillment, openness, and mutual respect with a mission to be affordable to all admitted students.   

Brunswick School
Greenwich, CT
Enrollment: 929, Pre-K – 12, all boys,
A tradition since 1902, Brunswick aims to develop the “whole boy.” Says one parent: “Top-notch college placement, excellent academics, and strong values attracted us.” The school also features outstanding facilities and competitive athletics.

Canterbury School (religiously affiliated)
New Milford, CT
Enrollment: 350, 9 – 12,
This Catholic college-prep day and boarding school hopes to inculcate a love of learning in its students to prepare them for life after graduation. The campus boasts a warm family atmosphere that is created by a committed faculty and talented students who want to be part of this community. Gathered from 21 states and 16 countries, students strive to embody five values: honesty, respect, compassion, spirituality, and self-reliance. Academically challenging, the school offers students an array of classes, including more than 20 AP courses. Each student is paired with an advisor who serves as a link between school and outside life. 

Chase Collegiate School
Waterbury, CT
Enrollment: 402, Pre-K – 12,
Chase believes that strong students deserve a worthy challenge, so it keeps class sizes low—between 11-13 kids. Comprised of a motivated, ambitious, and passionate student body, the Upper School (grades 9-12) offers 14 AP classes for those who wish to deepen their education, and the Lower School has exciting features, such as a Gardening Program, to encourage continuously growing learners. 

Cheshire Academy
Cheshire, CT
Enrollment: 418, 8-post-grad,
Founded over 220 years ago, this co-educational, college preparatory school boasts a low student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1 and average class size of 12. Cheshire strives to inform its students of international issues, they have students from around 30 countries and 42 states, thus creating global citizens. An international baccalaureate program stands out as an extremely unique opportunity for motivated students.

Choate Rosemary Hall
Wallingford, CT
Enrollment: 862, 9 – post-grad,
Spread over 400 acres and offering 240 courses, CRH  attracts an array of eager learners from across the globe. The school maintains a high standard of academic achievement, but passionate teachers ensure that each individual becomes a critical, independent thinker. Outside the classroom, students excel as athletes, performers, and leaders. Offers programs in China, France, Spain, Japan, and Jordan.

Christian Heritage School (religiously affiliated)
Trumbull, CT
Enrollment: 457, K - 12,
This school combines Christian values with a rigorous curriculum and strong athletic program. Through a challenging environment, students learn to face tough problems and take responsibility.  

Connecticut Friends School (religiously affiliated)
Wilton, CT
Enrollment: 35, Ages 2-5,
With 35 students in only 6 multi-age classrooms. The school establishes a formidable environment that challenges and enables students. Interweaves the best of Quaker education with the best of homeschooling. 

Convent of the Sacred Heart (religiously affiliated)
Greenwich, CT
Enrollment: 731, Pre-K – 12, all girls,
This independent Catholic, college-prep school teaches academic excellence, spiritual foundation, and modern facilities. Steeped in a solid academic tradition, Sacred Heart educates women to have independence of judgment, personal freedom, and strength of character so that they can become leaders.

Dana Hall School
Wellesley, MA
Enrollment: 484, 5- 12, all girls,
An independent boarding and day school for girls, Dana Hall fosters growth for each individual and prepares them for college and rich, rewarding lives. Students are exposed to challenges and develop analytical and creative thinking abilities through rigorous core requirements that focus intensely on academic skills, like writing and research. Teachers fuel each classroom with fresh information and perspectives gained from sabbatical. Dana Hall also features a Riding Center Horsemanship Camp. 

Darrow School
New Lebanon, NY
Enrollment: 125, 9 - 12,
Darrow puts learning into action with its expansive, engaging curriculum that focuses on core courses in the arts, science, history, math, English, and foreign languages. Class sizes on average have nine students and an enviable 4:1 student-teacher ratio. The school is also a leading proponent of sustainability, and incorporates the subject into the classroom and community’s way of life.

Eagle Hill School, Greenwich
Greenwich, CT
Enrollment: 255, Ages 5-15,
Eagle Hill offers a language-based, remedial program committed to educating children with learning disabilities. As a secure, structured and nurturing environment, Eagle Hill supports the development of the whole child for students of various ages.

Eagle Hill-Southport (special needs)
Southport, CT
Enrollment: 205, K – 8,
A school created for intelligent students who experience difficulties due to learning disabilities, Eagle Hill helps children build a foundation to enhance their self-esteem and build social skills. Each student has six daily academic classes, which aim to develop all skill sets such as those used for reading: decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and oral expression.  

The Ethel Walker School
Simsbury, CT
Enrollment: 251, 6 – post-grad, all girls, 
The Ethel Walker School, founded in 1911 as a college preparatory boarding and day school for girls, is a diverse community dedicated to scholarship, athletics, the arts, community service and wellness. It offers a critical academic experience with a solid foundation. Ethel Walker also boasts a nationally acclaimed equestrian program, which allows students to enjoy the 600-acre campus, and a brand new apiary.  

Ezra Academy (religiously affiliated)
Woodbridge, CT
Enrollment: 85, K – 8,
Ezra Academy helps children become independent, lifelong learners and caring citizens committed to the Judaic Faith. Classes are rooted in the Jewish tradition of critical thinking and ethical behavior. 

Fairfield College (religiously affiliated)
Preparatory School
Fairfield, CT
Enrollment: 901, 9 – 12, all boys,
Located on the 200-acre semi-rural Fairfield U campus, Fairfield Prep is a traditional Jesuit high school of excellence. Its mission is to offer the finest college prep, to inspire a love of learning, and to invite each student to deepen his relationship with God. As part of its new 1:1 program, all students will use iPads as educational tools.

Fairfield Country Day School
Fairfield, CT
Enrollment: 250, Pre-K – 9, all boys,
Parents like the individual attention small class sizes allow in addition to extensive extracurricular and academic opportunities. The FCDS Honor Code emphasizes integrity, scholarship, and respect. Located on 25 acres, including four playing fields, a gym, and a hockey rink.

Fairchild Wheeler
Interdistrict-Magnet HS
Bridgeport, CT
Enrollment: 1,500, Grade 9-12
Fairchild Wheeler follows a brand new, STEM project-based curriculum for students from Bridgeport, Trumbull, Fairfield, Shelton, Stratford, Easton/Redding, Monroe, and Milford.  

Forman School (special needs)
Litchfield, CT
Enrollment: 210, 9 – Post-grad, 
A co-ed boarding and day school for students who face dyslexia, ADHD, and other differences, Forman boasts a rigorous curriculum, and strong support system. With the guidance of trained professionals and state-of-the-art assistive technology, students are taught to make thoughtful, value-based life decisions. 

Fraser-Woods Montessori School
Newtown, CT
Enrollment: 150, Pre-K – 8, 
Fraser-Woods knows, understands, and accepts its students, aged 18 months to 14 years, and offers space to learn via the Montessori method of teaching.  

German School of CT
Stamford, CT
Enrollment: PreK-12,
The German School of Connecticut, with campuses both in Stamford and West Hartford, is comprised of enthusiastic teachers, students, and parents who meet every Saturday to teach and learn German. Students come from both German-speaking and non-German-speaking households. 

Glenholme School (special needs)
Washington, CT
Enrollment: 125, 5 – Post-grad, 
A boarding school for students with special needs, the Glenholme School offers individually prescribed learning environments coupled with a steadfast academic curriculum. 

Great Beginnings Montessori
Fairfield, CT
Enrollment: 86, Pre K - 6, 
This school employs the Montessori teaching method to develop each child’s potential through work and activities that promote social competence, physical coordination, academic excellence, and spiritual nourishment.

Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School
Great Barrington, MA
Enrollment: 212, Pre-K – 8,
Since 1971, GBRSS has provided a developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to learning for its students on a 32-acre campus. One of more than 1,000 Waldorf schools worldwide, the school offers a curriculum that integrates fine and practical arts. 

Greens Farms Academy
Westport, CT
Enrollment: 695, PreK – 12,
A day school committed to helping students through a diligent course of study, by developing critical, creative, and independent thinkers. Classes are often gathered around the Harkness table, where students engage in spirited conversation and debate. 

Greenwich Academy
Greenwich, CT
Enrollment: 795, Pre-K - 12, all girls,
Founded in 1827, it is the sixth-oldest girls school in the country, and is uncompromisingly dedicated to building the character of girls and young women. One parent says, “We chose GA because we felt strongly about single-sex education as a tool for building self-esteem.” Athletic teams are competitive, and facilities are top-notch.

Greenwich Country Day School
Greenwich, CT
Enrollment: 903, Pre-K - 9,
Founded in 1926, this coed day school defines itself as a “family” that fosters academic excellence. Creative teaching methods instill a lasting love of learning in students.  

The Gunnery School
Washington, CT
Enrollment: 298, 9 – post-grad, 
Founded in 1850, this co-ed boarding and day school maintains founder Frederick Gunn’s belief that strength of character is the goal of education. The LEADS program helps students form leadership skills to function as active and responsible citizens.  

Hackley School
Tarrytown, NY
Enrollment: 840, K - 12,
The belief that character is higher than intellect permeates the school’s community. Outstanding academics allow for students to expand their minds.  

Hamden Hall Country Day School
Hamden, CT
Enrollment: 560, Preschool - 12,
An independent, coeducational preschool through grade 12 day school that fosters the individual growth of every student. It challenges students to develop a strong sense of personal integrity, social responsibility, and a global perspective.  

The Harvey School
Katonah, NY
Enrollment: 360, 6 - 12,
Located on a wooded, 125-acre campus, the school (which recently celebrated its centennial) educates highly-motivated students in a warm, supportive setting. With an average class size of ten students, teachers become familiar with individual learning styles. Harvey offers a variety of honors / AP courses in addition to performing arts, sports, and community service.

Hillside School
Marlborough, MA
Enrollment: 145, 5 - 9, all boys,
Known as “a small school with a big heart,” Hillside offers a carefully balanced curriculum to prepare students for a challenging and successful future. With its 7:1 student to teacher ratio, students are provided the attention and dedication they need to thrive in this boarding and day school. . 

Holy Cross (religiously affiliated)
Waterbury, CT
Enrollment: 730, 9 - 12, 203-757-9248,
Holy Cross provides a total Christian education for young men and women. It prepares students for college placement and a successful professional life while stimulating intellectual growth. Qualified juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to complete college courses through the university’s online program. 

Hopkins School
New Haven, CT
Enrollment: 709, 7 - 12,
Located on a 108-acre campus, Hopkins is the third-oldest independent school in the country, and admissions are very competitive. The headmaster says students are challenged to try on the “habits of mind that historians, writers, linguists, scientists, artists, and athletes bring to their disciplines.”  

The Hotchkiss School
Lakeville, CT
Enrollment: 600, 9 - Post-grad,
An independent boarding school founded in 1891, Hotchkiss’ diverse student body migrates from all over the United States and 34 different countries. Individuals enjoy a beautiful campus that overlooks Lake Wononscopomuc and spans a total of 827 acres.  

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School
Newtown, CT
Enrollment: 150, PreK-8,
Based on the ideas of educator and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, a Waldorf education fosters the ability to think with clarity, to feel with compassion, and to initiate change with confidence.  

Hyde School
Woodstock, CT
Enrollment: 160, 9 – 12,
Devoted to preparing its students with the necessary tools to succeed and excel after graduation. The curriculum aims to build character by requiring students to participate in athletics, arts, community service, and campus jobs.

Indian Mountain School
Lakeville, CT
Enrollment: 252, PreK - 9,
The school promotes growth and academic excellence in a diverse learning environment. Students learn to be active participants in their education, and teachers engage children in the conversation of learning.  

Kent School
Kent, CT 
Enrollment: 570, 9 - 12,
Faculty encourage and support students as they tackle unique, challenging courses such as screenwriting, Mandarin, and biotechnology. Self-motivation and initiative are rewarded. For instance, one Kent program allows students to build their own course.  A renowned group of faculty and alums.

King Low Heywood Thomas
Stamford, CT
Enrollment: 700, Pre-K - 12,
A highly selective, PreKindergarten-Grade 12 co-ed, independent day school. Exceptional Faculty offer a challenging academic program rooted in a personalized approach to teaching and learning. Students thrive within a culture of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect. King graduates succeed in the top colleges and universities and pursue lives of ongoing inquiry and accomplishment.  

Lauralton Hall (religiously affiliated)
Milford, CT
Enrollment: 477, 9 - 12, all girls,
The school prepares girls to become competent, confident, and compassionate young women. It offers a stern curriculum that highlights critical thinking skills and problem solving. 

Litchfield Montessori School
Northfield, CT
Enrollment: 80, Pre-K - 8,
Committed to helping each student acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for life-long learning.  

The Long Ridge School
​Stamford, CT
Enrollment: 120, Pre-K - 5,
The 14-acre campus is a natural laboratory for the study of biology, botany, and ecology and is home to the school’s sun-filled academic buildings, and the arts and athletics center. Students spend two years with the same teachers.  

Loomis Chaffee
Windsor, CT
Enrollment: 675, 9 - 12,
The mission is to advance the development of spirit, mind, and body in boys and girls drawn from diverse cultures and to inspire in them a commitment to be their best. Academic advisors encourage students to make the most of Loomis’ classes and independent research opportunities. 

Maplebrook School (special needs)
Amenia, NY
Enrollment: 101, 6 - 12,
Founded in 1945 by parents seeking better education opportunities for their children, Maplebrook has grown into a prominent coeducational boarding and day school for students with learning differences and/or attention deficit disorder (ADD). 

Marianapolis Preparatory School (religiously affiliated)
Thompson, CT
Enrollment: 400, 9 - Post-grad, 
Dedicated to building character and compassion with a strong foundation of Catholic values and academic excellence. The student body represents 22 countries and each classroom has an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio. . 

The Marvelwood School
Kent, CT
Enrollment: 169, 9 –post-grad, 
Though Marvelwood does have a variety of honors and AP courses, it is known for its unique support programs that reflect its dedication to the individual. Community service is an integral pillar.

The Masters School
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Enrollment: 650, 5 - 12,
Masters encourages academic achievement, artistic development, and athletic endeavor. The school utilizes the Harkness approach to learning; classes are taught in seminar format around a large, wooden table, which encourages students to take an active role in their learning.  

The Mead School
Stamford, CT
Enrollment: Pre-K – 8,
The Mead School offers an intimate setting in which traditional academics combine with hands-on learning. Children are nurtured as lifelong learners and contributors to society.

Millbrook School
Millbrook, NY
Enrollment: 310, 9 - 12,
A small, co-ed college preparatory boarding school where nurturing and stimulating relationships between students and teachers have been the school’s hallmark since its founding in 1931. Millbrook’s 800-acre campus is also home to Trevor Zoo, the only zoo to currently exist at a high school in the country. 

Miss Hall’s School
Pittsfield, MA
Enrollment: 210, 9-12, all girls,
An all girl’s school boasting an 80-acre Berkshires campus, Miss Hall’s believes in teaching students to be the leaders of the next generation. The campus is diverse, comprised of approximately 35 percent international students. To graduate, each girl must participate in Horizons, an off-campus community service program.

Miss Porter’s School
Farmington, CT
Enrollment: 325,  9 - 12, all girls,
A community of 306 girls, Miss Porter’s has an average class size of 10. The school’s mission is to provide an exemplary education, with core characteristics of curiosity, global citizenship, integrity, and courage. 

Montessori School
​Wilton (lower), 203-834-0440,  Norwalk, CT (upper), 203-840-1850
Enrollment: 250, Pre-K - 8,
The mission is to adhere to the philosophy of Maria Montessori. The school aims to create a joyful community that provides an atmosphere to support the growth of the child.  

New Canaan Country School
New Canaan, CT
Enrollment: 635, Pre-K - 9, 
For 100 years, NCCS has combined a deep belief in tradition and the educational value of fundamental skills with an ongoing commitment to creative teaching and self-evaluation. 

Notre Dame Catholic High School (religiously affiliated)
Fairfield, CT
Enrollment: 483, 9 - 12,
The school’s mission is to help young adults grow in character, faith, and intellect. Students must dedicate a certain number of hours to community service. Graphic design courses are offered, which speaks to Notre Dame’s appreciation for technology.

Our Lady of Fatima (religiously affiliated)
Wilton, CT
Based on the principles of Catholic values and teachings and seeks to build confident students willing to put the needs of others before their own. 

Pine Cobble School
Williamstown, MA
Enrollment: 165, Pre-K - 9.
(413) 458-4680
For over three quarters of a century, Pine Cobble has nurtured creativity, curiosity, and outstanding character. Our mission is “to cultivate in each student a lifelong passion for learning, a strong sense of self-worth, and respect for others throughout the community.” This mission is what drives us, every single day. It drives us to approach every moment as a teachable moment. It’s what inspires us to go the extra mile for our students, to bring out their excellence as scholars, artists, athletes, and human beings with integrity.

The Rectory School
Pomfret, CT
Enrollment: 230, K - 9,
Responsibility, respect, honesty, and compassion is the school’s creed that speaks to its passion to nurture the individual needs of its students. Founded in 1920, Rectory has a diverse student body with 30 percent from overseas. 

Ridgefield Academy
Ridgefield, CT 
Enrollment: 293, Pre-K - 8,
Parents choose Ridgefield Academy, and its affiliated Landmark Academy pre-school, for three main reasons: a culture immersed in strong values, a comprehensive academic program, and the close partnership students and parents share with teachers. A cutting-edge media center and a fabulous new food service—farm-to-table—can be found. 

Rippowam Cisqua School
Mount Kisco, NY (lower), 914-244-1200, and Bedford, NY (upper),
Enrollment: 450, Pre-K - 9,
On two campuses, but one mission: to promote critical thinking, individual development, and personal excellence. Parents are drawn to RCS because of the small class sizes, supportive learning environment, and dedicated teachers. Graduates attend prestigious boarding and day schools. 

Rumsey Hall School
Washington Depot, CT
Enrollment: 337, K - 9,
An independent boarding and day school, it prepares students for the discipline required in secondary schools, through small co-ed classes and sound academics. Students also have the opportunity to participate in theater productions and sports. 

Sacred Heart Academy (religiously affiliated)
Hamden, CT
Enrollment: 494, 9-12, all girls, 
A private, Catholic high school that instills Christian values in its students while providing a well-rounded curriculum as well as a vast array of electives. 

Salisbury School (religiously affiliated)
Salisbury, CT
Enrollment: 325, 9 - post-grad, all boys,
The school instills an enthusiasm for learning and the self-confidence needed for intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. Beautiful 700-acre campus.   

SoundView Prep School
Yorktown Heights, NY
Enrollment: 60, 6-12,
Founded in 1989 on the philosophy that students thrive in small classes and in an environment where competition is minimized. SoundView Prep offers a smaller academic setting, investing intensely in each individual student, and building a community where every student feels welcomed and valued.

South Kent School
South Kent, CT
Enrollment: 180, 9 - Post-grad, all boys,
Provides students with the intellectual, moral, physical, and social framework for scholastic achievement. The Center for Innovation teaches sustainability. 

St. Aloysius Catholic School (religiously affiliated)
New Canaan, CT
Enrollment: 215, K - 8,
The curriculum rests upon a foundation of strong Catholic values.  

The Stanwich School (religiously affiliated)
Greenwich, CT
Enrollment: 320, Pre-K - 12, 
Rigorous academics, competitive athletics, a signature arts program, character education and values based on the Judeo-Christian tradition are hallmarks of the Stanwich experience. 

St. Joseph High School (religiously affiliated)
Trumbull, CT, 
Enrollment: 830, 9 - 12,
St. Joseph’s encourages students to realize their full potential and helps them excel in higher education. On the 25-acre campus, students have the chance to participate in 24 varsity-level athletic teams.  All students must fulfill a community service requirement, and the overarching theme changes depending on grade-level.

St. Luke’s School
New Canaan, CT
Enrollment: 553, 5 - 12,
A secular, college-prep day school attracts families from over 25 towns. The Center for Leadership emphasizes teamwork, communication, community service, and a global mindset; with the proper skillset, anyone can become a successful leader.   

St. Mary School (religiously affiliated)
Ridgefield, CT
Enrollment: 266, Pre-K - 8,
Besides building a strong faith, there is a focus on world languages, fine arts and music, science, technology, and math. Grades 5 through 8 participate in the Aldrich Museum student-docent program.

St. Patrick’s School (religiously affiliated)
Bedford, NY 
Enrollment: 190, Pre-K - 8,
A caring Catholic-school community where academic excellence is enriched by faith. For 60 years, this co-ed elementary school, founded by the Sisters of Charity, has served Westchester and Connecticut. Facilities include a state-of-the art science lab.    

St. Stephen’s Nursery School (religiously affiliated)
Ridgefield, CT
Enrollment: Nursery - Pre-K,
Teaching basic math, reading, and science concepts while helping develop social skills.  

The Storm King School
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
Enrollment: 180, 9 - 12, 
In an environment that encourages stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, students and faculty recognize the importance of embracing challenges to grow. 

The Taft School
Watertown, CT
Enrollment: 594, 9 - Post-grad, 
Students from 33 states and 30 countries gather on the 220-acre campus of this boarding and day school. The school’s motto is “not to be served but to serve.” 

Trinity Pawling School
Pawling, NY
Enrollment: 300, 7 - 12, all boys,
Set on 150 acres, Trinity Pawling embraces the core values of integrity, tradition, and community. Under the Effort System, each boy receives a grade on a six-week basis that accounts for academics, athletics, and extracurriculars. 

The Unquowa School
Fairfield, CT
Enrollment: 203, Pre-K - 8, 
The Unquowa School, the “school by the brook,”offers a traditional liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on experiential learning. 

Washington Montessori School
New Preston, CT
Enrollment: 250, Pre-K - 8,
Dedicated to students’ intellectual development with a focus on self-reliance, built upon the Montessori philosophy. New tennis courts, a soccer field, and a natural playground too!

Westover School
Middlebury, CT
Enrollment: 204, 9 - 12, all girls,
Westover seeks to inspire the intellectual, artist, athlete, and philosopher. The Rasin Center for Global Justice serves as a medium for girls to explore diversity, environmental sustainability, and international programs.     

Whitby School
Greenwich, CT
Enrollment: 432, Pre-K - 8,
America’s largest Montessori school, accredited by the American Montessori Society and International Baccalaureate. Its diverse student body represents 40 countries 

Williston Northampton School
Easthampton, MA
Enrollment: 480, 7 – 12,
Founded in 1841, a student-centered institution with a Middle School and Upper School from 25 states and 27 countries. Classes are discussion-based. Located in Pioneer Valley, it can share resources with the Five College Consortium. 

Winston Preparatory School
Norwalk, CT
Enrollment: 120, 4 - 12,
An innovative day school for students in fourth through 12th grade with learning differences such as dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities, and executive functioning difficulties.  

The Woodhall School
Bethlehem, CT
Enrollment: 42, 9 - 12, all boys,
The Woodhall School’s individualized approach to teaching is intended for the unconventional learner, and utilizes multi-modal strategies to support learning.

Wooster School (religiously affiliated)
Danbury, CT
Enrollment: 380, PreK - 12,
Wooster fosters a culture rich in thinking, learning, relationships, and self-help. Its students develop the skills, dispositions, and knowledge necessary to confidently and resiliently engage the world as people of conscience, compassion, and action.


Bard College at Simon’s Rock
Great Barrington, MA
Enrollment: 400, Undergraduate
Bard College is the only four-year, liberal-arts college created for those students who are ready for college after the 10th or 11th grade. Its unique curriculum offers over 40 majors and a wide variety of special programs, internships, and study-abroad opportunities.

Fairfield University
Fairfield, CT
Enrollment: 3,970, Undergraduate and Graduate,
A Jesuit University whose primary goals are to develop the creative intellectual potential of its students and to teach them a sense of social responsibility. A Fairfield education is a liberal one, and all four of its schools share a humanistic perspective. 

North Adams, MA
Enrollment: 1,816, Undergraduate and Graduate,
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts is a college that follows four specific goals: excellence in teaching and learning, supportive and inclusive community, responsive and intentional stewardship, and public purpose and engagement. In order to help students achieve these goals and receive the best education they can, MCLA offers over 19 majors and 50 specialized programs.

Sacred Heart University
Fairfield, CT
Enrollment: 8,532, Undergraduate and Graduate,
A university where knowledge, passion, and intelligent reflection come alive. As a Catholic university, SHU provides a liberal-arts education as well as teaching social justice and the importance of serving others.  

University of Saint Joseph
West Hartford, CT
Enrollment: 2,467, Undergraduate and Graduate,
Established in 1932 as a liberal-arts college for women focused on service to others, and infused the Catholic intellectual tradition while welcoming students of all ages, races, and religions. Today, Saint Joseph is co-ed, but is still committed to its original values.

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Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut December 2, 2017 – March 4, 2018 The early 1960s marked a significant turning point in American printmaking: the rise of communal studios provided...

Cost: $10 adult, $8 senior/student, under 5 and member free

Bruce Museum
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Sponsor: Bruce Museum
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Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut December 2, 2017 – March 4, 2018 The early 1960s marked a significant turning point in American printmaking: the rise of communal studios provided...

Cost: $10 adult, $8 senior/student, under 5 and member free

Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT  06830
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Sponsor: Bruce Museum
Telephone: 203-869-0376
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Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut December 2, 2017 – March 4, 2018 The early 1960s marked a significant turning point in American printmaking: the rise of communal studios provided...

Cost: $10 adult, $8 senior/student, under 5 and member free

Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT  06830
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Sponsor: Bruce Museum
Telephone: 203-869-0376
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Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut December 2, 2017 – March 4, 2018 The early 1960s marked a significant turning point in American printmaking: the rise of communal studios provided...

Cost: $10 adult, $8 senior/student, under 5 and member free

Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT  06830
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Sponsor: Bruce Museum
Telephone: 203-869-0376
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Stroller tours at the KMA are a unique opportunity to connect with other new parents and caregivers seeking culturally enriching activities to share with their babies. These once-a-month...

Cost: Free with admission

Katonah Museum of Art
134 Jay Street
Katonah, NY  10536
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Westchester Community is in need of more than 40 foster homes to provide the county’s most vulnerable children with housing in a safe and stable environment. For more information and to...

Cost: Free

United Way of Westchester and Putnam
336 Central Avenue
White Plains, NY  10530
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Sponsor: United Way of Westchester and Putnam
Telephone: (914) 997-6700
Contact Name: Toyae Liverpool
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Part of our “Native American Story Telling Series” featuring Master Story Teller, Jonathan Kruk ‘STORY OF THE THREE SISTERS – BEANS, SQUASH, AND CORN’. ...

Cost: $10

Westmoreland Sanctuary
260 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Mount Kisco, NY  10549
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Telephone: 914-6668448
Contact Name: Westmoreland Sanctuary
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Live Jazz Night with local Musician Michael-Louis Smith at the Carriage Barn Arts Center. Tickets $15 in advance / $20 at the door Visit the link below or call 203 594 3638 for tickets...

Cost: Tickets $15 in advance / $20 at the door

Carriage Barn Arts Center
681 South Ave.
Waveny Park
New Canaan , CT  06840
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Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Connecticut December 2, 2017 – March 4, 2018 The early 1960s marked a significant turning point in American printmaking: the rise of communal studios provided...

Cost: $10 adult, $8 senior/student, under 5 and member free

Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT  06830
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Sponsor: Bruce Museum
Telephone: 203-869-0376
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