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July-August 2011

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In This Issue

A la Farm Cart

Bringing new meaning to the term "farm-to-table" in Armonk.

Good Eats, Good Health

Love is for the Birds

Ten Minutes with Alyson Baker

A Fresh Start

We've Got Answers

Say Om

Since the turn of the century, both the lofty, literary set and the hiking-boot–clad, tie-dyed T-shirt crowd have been making pilgrimages to the Berkshires, drawn by its rich arts and culture and its pristine lakes and woodland

Fit and Polished

When archaeologists of the 22nd century want to learn how people survived the Great Obesity Epidemic of the 2000s they should look at my basement.

Location High

One Pound Ridge-based business took 11 people to Arizona for a four-day getaway that focused on fitness and health.

Lace Up Your Boots

Five fabulous hiking areas—sherpas not included

On the Edge

Ten years ago, John Docherty discovered his personal Shangri-la when he was looking to relocate from White Plains. The Bedford property he found, known as Quarry Lake, was simply magical to him.

The New Meat

A hip New York chef calls them “sexy.” No, they are not talking about succulent patés or sinful chocolate soufflés. They are talking about vegetables.

The Next Patriarch?

“I’m sure there will be a Kennedy back in Congress in a couple of years.” Having made that statement, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is hardly surprised by the follow-up question. “Might that be you?” Learn what this environmental activist and son of his namesake and slain presidential candidate has to say about the family legacy.
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