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Bedford Winter Survival Guide

Like it or not, winter is coming—in fact, it arrived before Halloween. Before the chilly weather really settles in, we compiled a list of essential items needed to survive another brutal Bedford season.

Puzzles and games  

Charles Department Store in Katonah has a decent supply and the best local option.
Gym membership 
Studies show exercise helps relieve crankiness. 
A good therapist
Any therapist really.
Those goofy things that strap on to your feet with prongs on the bottom so you don’t slip.
Wine & Spirits of Westchester in Bedford Hills can get you started.
A long project
Find one that will take three months—knitting a sweater, learning the ukelele, seeing all Meryl Streep movies.
A backup plan for childcare on snow days.
Outdoor fire pit
Even if you don’t use it, you will feel better knowing it’s there. Try Kelloggs & Lawrence.
Sunlight simulator 
Prevents Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Actual sunlight
Call Cappy’s Travel. She will get you to a warm destination.
Roof rake 
You’d never heard of it before last year. Now you can’t live without it. Head to Kelloggs & Lawrence.
Oil or gas contract
Robison Fuel has been serving customers here forever.
boots, down jacket, good gloves
Even if just to go for a walk in the woods.
A mouse trap
Don’t forget to fill it with cheese. Preferably cheddar. 
Clear, cold days are great for bird (and people) watching. 
Emergency kit
Bottled water, non-perishable food, foot warmers, blanket, battery-operated radio.
It’s a lot harder to live without power in the winter. Arroway Tractor in Katonah can help.
Private chef
Stay at home and have Tim Fornero (gastronomytfwk.com) create something special.
Yummy treats
Go to Perennial Chef for sweets and treats.
Get ‘em while they’re not hot!
Charles Department Store can help you with this.
Burt’s Bees lip balm
Soothe your chapped kisser with various balms.
Chain Saw
Paul’s Power Products is a place to start.
A Friend who will help you use the chain saw.
A Friend who will spend Sunday afternoon with you in sweatpants and slippers.
Saucer sleds
The kids might also put them to use. 
They must have invented this for snow days.
Snow blower
Even with a snow-plow service, it will keep you in control.
Remote car starter 
Warms car and melts ice on windshield before you get in.
Windshield covers
For when you go out to dinner and don’t want to hack at the windshield after crème brûlée. 
dinner out
Try the wonderful Moderne Barn or Via Vanti for a cozy and special wintertime meal.
A neighbor with a pond or a a public-skating schedule for the Brewster Ice Arena.
Snow shoes
Don’t get trapped in the house. Go to Acadia on Main and then hit the woods when the snow starts piling up.
Bags and bags of snow melt or sand or anything to get you out.
A Slanket
It might look goofy, but it’s warm.
Four-wheel drive
An X5 diesel from BMW of Mt. Kisco. The new rad Mini Countryman has all-wheel drive.
Take-out menus
The Meetinghouse is a nice option, as is Tenga in Katonah.
Spa visit
The new Bellava Spa in Bedford Hills will treat you right. 

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