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Ten Minutes with Nan Hayworth

Nan Hayworth

Why did voters elect you?

I listened to them, and I represented a change in philosophy of government.

How will you represent the district differently than John Hall?

Mr. Hall supported a program of massive spending and of federal control of large segments of the economy. We do better when we trust our citizens to run their own lives.

What do you respect most about John Hall?

He truly believed he was doing good things for the district voting as he did.

Have you ever met Barack Obama?

No, I have not met President Obama.

Do you think it’s feasible to repeal the health-care law he championed?

Given the numbers in the House and Senate, we don’t have a veto-proof deal, and I think President Obama would veto any new bill we pass. The goal of the current law is a good one: Every American should have portable health insurance, but it pursues that goal in an ineffective, inefficient, and harmful way.

There is a constituency in Bedford for a strong federal role in reducing carbon emissions and investing in alternative energy. What do you say to them?

It is a worthy goal to minimize our carbon footprint. No question. I do not view federal investment in alternative energy as a wise way to spend taxpayer dollars. I support vigorous enterprise in alternative energy. People should benefit for investing wisely.

There is a strong constituency in Bedford for supporting local farms, which many argue are good for your health, the environment, and the economy. Is there a way you can help with that in Washington?

What I’d like to see is the federal government not making it harder for farmers to benefit from their labor. I want to see the tax burden reduced and unnecessary regulations lifted. I am particularly concerned about their ability to obtain seasonal labor, and about the estate tax, which affects farmers negatively. The estate tax should be eliminated.

How does Bedford fit into the rest of the district?

The federal government should paint with a broad brush. My goal for Bedford is the same as the district as a whole: Bedford will benefit when citizens are taxed less and federal government spends less.

You are one of the few Republicans in the area to have won. Any comments?

I regret that this small-government cause had a setback in those elections. Harry Wilson would have been a wonderful comptroller and Dan Donovan a marvelous attorney general.

What will it be like being away from your husband and sons for at least three days a week and in Washington?

The one not in college will have his dad when I am in Washington, but both are thrilled to have a Republican in the House and it happens to be their mother.

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