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Holiday 2010

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In This Issue


In Mount Kisco, a restaurant where "everybody knows your name."

A Helping Hand

For many of you, right alongside a long list of presents, a medium-rare roast beef, and some favorite holiday tunes, emerges a sudden urge to volunteer. I have so much to be grateful for. How can I repay my good fortune? If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to volunteer in 2011, below are several local organizations to consider.

We've Got Answers

Holiday In

This design maven and shop owner combines her own special sense of style, lots and lots of candles, and the culinary skills of a renowned chef to orchestrate a swell holiday soirée.

Champagne Galore

Champagne. For this holiday hymn to that fabulous effervescent diversion, a few “tasting notes” are in order. Something light and fizzy, like the nectar itself. After all, it’s not just any sparkling wine we’re talking about, but the nonpareil of aperitifs.

Rock of Support

Danny Velasquez Guarnieri, age 19, can hardly believe his good fortune. When he called Jodi Rosen from the Philippines and asked his former weekend foster mom if he could move permanently into his old room in the Rosens’ North Salem estate, the answer was an enthusiastic “yes.”

In the Fabric

When Cynthia Brennan opened James, a Bedford Hills boutique dedicated to selling fair-trade gifts, locally produced artwork, and semi-custom couture, she invited Ona Cohn to handle the clothing. For more than 20 years, Cohn had designed lingerie for corporations, like Warner’s and Vassarette, and enjoyed a life-long love of sewing apparel. What surprised Cohn about her retail experience at James was that she really liked working with customers.

Matthew Marks 200

St. Matthew’s celebrated its bicentennial with a variety of activities, all leading up to a grand culmination on the weekend of October 17.

Ten Minutes with Nan Hayworth

Long-time Bedford resident Nan Hayworth defeated two-term Rep. John Hall and will be sworn in as a member of Congress in January. A mother of two teens and a doctor with a local practice until 2006, she is one of about sixty newly elected Republicans to the House of Representatives. We spoke with her after the election.
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